For those specialty coffee explorers looking for distinguished features or characteristics in quintessential coffee flavors and aromas. Also to expand your knowledge in the coffee culture, we bring this subscription that contains:

  • 125gr of Exotic Varietal / Natural Benefit / Honey Benefit (subject to availability)
  • 2 Libras de café (500gr c/u) cada mes para que no te falte en casa, puedes escoger tu origen de café favorito o preguntar por recomendación del barista.
  • 1 POD de cafe con 3 orígenes de atributos y aromas únicos para cualquier hora del día y de fácil preparación.
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In this combo, a gift will be sent, in the first time, which is 1 Café Cultor cup and a Pin.

*Includes Online Course.


Quantities Product Months Expert barista
1 Pin 1 1
1 Cup 1 1


Expert barista Quantities Months
Pounds 2 12
125 gr exotic 1 12
Pod 1 12

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Type of Subscription

Annual plan, Three-month plan


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