Café Cultor – Calle 69 #6-20, Chapinero

An innovative coffee shop in the heart of Zona G, Café Cultor brings social consciousness and the highest quality coffee to you in “just one cup”. Open 7 days a week, Café Cultor is located in a bright green recycled shipping container with a garden terrace rooftop, covered in infografics detailing their direct impact supply chain, as well as educational facts about Colombian coffee. Head barista Manuel (also a great DJ as if you look for good music with your coffee!) and co. will be happy to share information with you about the coffee plantation where your cup originated, as Café Cultor´s mission is to give recognition to the coffee farmers who toil for years to develop the excellent quality cup you are enjoying. They work directly with these farmers, ensuring quality from seed to cup; pay fair-trade prices; provide training for environmental and quality-improvement programs; and support the farmers and their families year-round. You can try your coffee prepared  in a number of artisan methods recommended for each unique single origin based on its notes and profile. Check their Facebook page while you’re in town so you can join in on the free monthly tastings, workshops and cultural events.


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